Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man Costume

What can be a better choice than an inflatable arm flailing tube man costume for parties or product advertisement? It is effective for various purposes as well as budget-friendly.  

Let’s discover the features, making materials, using buying guides of arm flailing tube man costumes!


Generally, inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes are made in various sizes based on the usage purpose. The miniature to giant size tube man costumes are available in the market. Usually, the size varies from 2 feet to 20 feet those run by blowers. 

Again, many people wear air-dancing inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes to have fun or product promotions. Usually, 5 feet to 7 feet wavy tube man costumes are fit for adults. Many brands also produce inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes for kids.

Using Purpose

Eventually, mini dancing tube man costumes are used in desks or inside of the home during bachelor, Halloween parties, or even birthday parties. It is said that dancing, waving inflatable arm flailing tube man helps to relax and reduce stress as well as anxiety. 

So far, the large-sized dancing Inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes are used in the wedding venue, sea beach, etc. Most generally they are used for advertising to attract customers. For this reason, they are placed in front of the showrooms or outside of the mall to seek customers’ attention. 

Again the dancing inflatable arm flailing costumes can be effectively used on the farm. Their color and arm movement can protect the harvest field from birds and cattle. 

Costume Color

They come in different colors. The colors of inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes are always bright like red, blue, yellow, etc. Dull or nude colors are not used as people do not notice them most of the time.  

Costume Material

The manufacturing materials are usually nylon or soft plastic. You can wear and touch them. It won’t hurt you. At the same time, the materials are ultra-durable. They are lightweight and easy to clean as well.

How to Operate

The inflatable arm flailing tube man is operated by batteries and a blower fan. It is an electric fan that is used for circulating air.

In addition, the blower fan has an adjustable speed system. You can easily adjust the dancing speed. Besides, the air blower has a built-in carrying handle as well as a lockable wheel.

So that you can lock the position of it. It won’t fall down. For miniature, you need a new or fully charged 9-volt battery 

To turn on the tube man costume, you just switch it on the blower. If they are off, they won’t come on. Just turn on the switch, they just flop around and dance, flail their arms. That is why it is called Wacky wave inflatable 

It will add a touch of elegance and class to any kind of party, wedding, or store promotion.

Also, allow you to create custom characters. The incredibly high-tech effects controllers help to change the look instantly. It includes pre-made character 

 Buying Guides

The wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes are available in the local stores and online shops. You should consider the following basic and important factors before buying a dancing tube man costume. 


The size is an important consideration before making a purchase decision of dancing tube man costumes. For desk use, you should buy the miniature one. 

For outdoor parties, sea beach or brand promotion, you should buy a taller one. That will grab customers’ attention more.

Also for protecting crops, you should buy taller and bigger ones. That will be noticed by the birds and cattle and keep away from your field.


It is proven that blue, red, and yellow colors are best for marketing. Several studies have shown that 33% of people feel interested when they see the color blue. For red and yellow, this rate is 29% and 13% respectively. So choose the right color according to your purpose.


You should buy the inflatable tube man costume based on the purpose of the usage. Those are made for brand promotion not suitable for parties and vice versa.

For weddings and parties, you should choose the fancy ones with extra tassels. For birthday parties, you can buy several printed cartoon characters’ inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes. That will delight the party and kids have fun with it. 


They are very economical and cheap. The price range is usually affordable for inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes. Customized costume prices are higher than the readymade ones. Try to buy a quality product with a reasonable price range.

Enjoy your parties, save farms as well as promote your brand with inflatable arm flailing tube man costumes. They will help to enhance the fun at the parties, protect crops and increase your sales as well.

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