Top 9 Best Air Pump For Inflatable Pool Toys Reviews in 2022

Anybody who has ever inflated balloons for a party or inflatable pool toys knows how tough a job it can be for them. Sometimes, it can tire someone so much that they might not feel like enjoying it afterward. Why would you deprive yourself of enjoying a party or a pool that you are hosting, right?

It comes to you to deal with inflating pool toys only if you’re hosting a party by the pool or if you have a pool and want to spend time with the family. To make your work easier, there are pumps that you can use to inflate pool toys. 

There are thousands of models available on the internet. Not all of them are as good as they read it on their features. So, to make your work easier, we have listed the best air pump for inflatable pool toys

The Best Air Pump For Inflatable pool toys

AGPtEK Portable – Electric Air Pump


People who have used an air pump to inflate toys before know exactly how pathetic it can be when you have to wait till the toy deflates. According to the size it can take quite a while to deflate properly. Now, think about a very lightweight air pump that is not only capable of inflating but also is capable of deflating the toy in mere seconds.

Yes, the AGPtEK Portable Quick-fill air pump is capable of inflating pool toys in seconds and deflating them as well. If you are looking for an Air pump for inflatable toys and also to deflate them which only requires small chargers we need for our smartphones. This is the one to go for. 


An air pump is not a huge device. It’s a small device that you can carry most time. There are non-portable air pumps too. They are also small. So, a device that is small, you would definitely expect it to have a big charger, right? Well, this one has a small one which has very little potential to raise electricity bills. 

It comes with 3 nozzles of different sizes which would fit any inflatable toy there is. The pack it comes with includes both a home adapter and a car adapter. So, if you are having an outdoor pool party, this is the thing that you need. 


  • The home adapter cord length is almost 6 feet and the car adapter cord length is 8.2 feet
  • Can inflate mattresses, swing rings, airboats, small bounce houses etc.
  • The whole package including everything weighs about 1.04 pounds
  • The plug is of US standard
  • Works at the pressure of 0.5PSI

Why Is It A Top Pick?

Air pumps can be both portable and non-portable. If you can buy an air pump that you can carry to every pool party that you go, why wouldn’t you buy it? You can be that guy who has an air pump, the life of the party. There won’t be any pool parties among friends if you are not there.

  • Contains nozzles of 3 different sizes
  • Both adapter cord lengths are adequate
  • Pumps very fast
  • Can deflate very quickly
  • Very versatile use
  • Cannot inflate basketballs and balloons
  • It is not rechargeable 

Intex Quick – Fill Air Pump


Being a single product yet considered as an entire series. Why? Because the Intex Quick-fill Air pump series is an air pump for pool floats that comes with 6 different variations with different options. 

Starting from $11 to $39, each option is more enticing than the previous one. Some might ask why so many options, why not an all-in-one? 

You see some people are indoor guys, some are outdoorsy. But one thing that is common between all these people is that everyone wants to get their hands on this one product. So, to meet the demands of different types of clients, Intex came up with 6 different variations with the same product quality. 


Talk about cheap and fast. The lowest-priced Intex is recorded and reviewed to perform better than most other expensive competitors in the market. People have gotten amazed to see that they bought a pool toy inflator, and it’s literally inflating everything, beds, mattresses, bounce houses, etc. 

Due to the small size and weight, you can carry this absolutely everywhere. The only drawback is the adapter difference. You might think that I’d buy one with an A/C current adapter and just a car adapter and make it work. Well, bad news, it doesn’t work that way. 


  • Has 71” cord
  • ETL approved
  • Weighs 1.49 pounds
  • Available in black
  • Product dimension 4.37 x 5.37 x 5.50 Inches

Why Is It A Top Pick?

A product can be a top pick for many reasons. The most intriguing reason behind intex to be a top pick is that it has one version for everyone. The nozzles were tested to see if the 3 variations it comes with can fit most valves or not. Turns out it can. You can use this to inflate anything that it assures you to inflate. 

  • 3 nozzles
  • Many variations
  • Lightweight
  • Has a long cord
  • Build quality is rugged
  • Cannot interchange the adapters
  • The battery version is a no-go

Etekcity – Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump


Having options for nozzles actually has a downside. They can easily loosen up and the toy might not get all the pressure that is coming out from the inflator. Because most inflators don’t offer any sort of locking or clicks on the nozzles. That results in slower inflation. 

But with the Etekcity Electric Air Pump, a Quick fill electric air pump for inflatables, allows the nozzles to lock with the valve properly. Thus, it gets all the 0.55PSI or3800-Pascal pressure that all inflatables are supposed to get. 

In the case of inflatable toy pumps, the higher the pressure, they are supposed to work better. So, it’s important to check whether the pressure is optimum or not. Keeping this in mind, Etekcity Electric air pump for pool floats is actually a pretty good buy.


The versatility of this pump is actually very intriguing. If you are a pool and an outdoor person who travels a lot, this is for you. You want to inflate a raft? You can use this. It’s like buying something for one job and getting everything else done as well. 

The advanced wheel design actually helps to reduce noise while inflating. It takes at least a few minutes to inflate a mattress. So, while doing that, you don’t want anything to bother you. 


  • Has a 63” cord
  • Item dimension is 4.7 x 3.7 x 4.5 inches
  • Weighs about 1.05 pounds
  • Available in black
  • Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Why Is It A Top Pick?

A product can be a top pick for many reasons. At least this one has many reasons to be a top pick. Offers 3 different nozzles that can fit almost all valves. It has a very unique noise insulated body. The interlocking nozzle system offers the least air loss while pumping.

  • 3 different sized nozzles
  • Interlocking technology
  • Suitable for mattress, floats, rafts, pool toys, etc.
  • Lightweight
  • Very easy to carry
  • Only available in one color
  • Few units were reported to become very hot while using

Intex Double Quick – S Hand Pump


Not having different-sized nozzles is considered a disadvantage these days. Because every Quick fill electric air pump for inflatables comes with three different sized nozzles that enable you to inflate different items. 

Intex always offers such pumps that can help you with inflating not just pool toys, but also a lot of other daily use things. This list doesn’t contain many hand pumps or manual pumps. As this one is listed, you can definitely rely on this.


Most hand inflators inflate things only on downforce. This makes the whole procedure time-consuming. But this one won’t consume enough time because the mechanism allows you to pump with both down and upstrokes. 

The mechanism allows people of all ages to use this pump in a very fluid motion. Usually, many pumps require quite a physical appearance to complete the work. Because the pumps are usually very stiff to work with.

But with this fluid motion mechanism it has, even kids who are energetic and need something to do to tire themselves out can easily use this and even fill up a king-sized mattress. 


  • The product dimension is 4.5 x 7.25 x 14.5 inches
  • It weighs around 1.87 pounds
  • Available in black
  • Has double-action quill fill mechanism
  • Made using plastic

Why Is This A Top Pick?

Everyone needs an inflator that can inflate several items. You can’t just invest money in something that only does one work. You need a multitasking product that can meet your needs of inflating beds, mattresses, kayaks, rafts, pool toys etc. 

  • 3 different nozzle sizes
  • Double action pump
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Only one color
  • Takes quite an energy to inflate

Artigarden – Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Pool Toys 


Let’s talk about another deflator and inflator. Basically, it means that this inflator will not only inflate your pool toys but also will help you to deflate them with ease. You can literally rely on one device to do your work for you. 

It also, like other inflators, has 3 different valves. Usual inflators can only deliver 0.5 to 0.6 PSI but this one has a motor inside that can deliver up to 1.6 PSI. Inflators don’t really offer lifetime support or don’t come with any proper warranty. But Artigarden has a different policy for its customers.

It offers everyone lifetime support and 18 months warranty period with which you can get all sorts of services if there is any manufacturer fault. 


Consists of a 59” long cord. Might seem a little less than usual offers from other inflators of 70” or something. But I can assure you that it’s more than necessary. The 3 nozzle is constant, it can inflate a lot of different sized toys and valves. 

That’s why it is considered to be one of the most versatile inflators you can find in the market. Starting from pool toys to air mattresses and even small bounce houses. The pressure it offers can inflate every small-time item.


  • Product dimension is 6.3×4.3×3.9 inches
  • Weighs about 1.49 pounds
  • 3 different nozzle sizes
  • 59” long cord
  • 1.6 PSI (11000 Pascal) pressure

Why Is This A Top Pick

I can give you at least 10 different reasons why you should pick this one. But the only one I will focus on is the power it packs. It doesn’t even weigh a proper 1.5 pounds but the machine it packs inside, allows it to deliver 1.6 PSI pressure. That is incredible. Probably the most powerful inflator on the list.

  • Really easy to carry
  • Inflates and deflates very fast
  • Comes with internal temperature control
  • Can be used as a vacuum compressed bag
  • Comes with 18 months warranty
  • Gets heated very quickly
  • Can’t use it for 10 minutes straight

ONG NAMO – Quick Air Pump


ONG Namo is a very known brand in the world of electric inflators. One of the best manufacturers that have been entertaining people worldwide. Inflatable enthusiasts all over the world have been using this brand ever since they came into production. The best part about this powerful pump is that it comes with a deflation option too. 

You can use this to inflate and deflate both. This is the only inflator on the list that guarantees that you can inflate inflatable sofas with its 0.58 PSI pressure. That’s about 4000 pascals.


Sometimes people wonder whether they can use the same inflator to inflate both pool toys and their pool. People have reviewed that they have been actively using this pump to inflate pools that are about 10 feet long along with their pool toys. 

The good thing about this is that it’s extremely handy. You can carry it wherever you want. The dimension and the weight allow you to carry them anywhere. It’s probably one of the lightest electric inflators that you can find on the market today.


  • Delivers 0.58 PSI pressure.
  • Has a product dimension of 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
  • Weighs only 1.1 pounds
  • Available in black
  • 3 different sized nozzles

Why Is This A Top Pick

Despite having low-pressure delivery, it is still capable of doing things that its same class inflators can’t. You can inflate sofas, backyard pools, etc. The technology it has, the pressure it delivers is actually quicker than most other inflators. 

  • Very easy to carry
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Very powerful
  • Versatile
  • 3 different nozzle sizes
  • Gets hot really quick
  • The body is not that rugged as it is supposed to be

Etekcity – Air Pump for Inflatables


Most inflators only have one type of support system that they can get attached to. But not Etekcity. You can literally use this in most outlets and even use it having it connected to a car charger outlet. It’s not the most intriguing part though. The best part is that this small inflator packs a battery that can run for quite a wall.

This is probably the only inflator with which you have no issues regarding how long the cord is. Because it’s cordless. You don’t need to rely on a cord if you are carrying this. You can just charge it the previous day or charge while you’re driving to a friend’s pool party. You can be the proper inflator guy of every pool party.


It still has a 63” long cord that allows you to use it from a distance. For most other inflators you will need a long multiplug to use them in your backyard because if you’re not rigging your house to have an outlet in the backyard, you can’t use them. 

Or you would have to carry the pool to the backyard after you inflate it. I am still to mention the best part. It’s an inflator and a deflator. It can deflate pools real fast. You don’t have to press the pool to deflate quick. All you have to do is connect it and switch to deflate, it will do your job for you.


  • Rechargeable can be used wirelessly
  • After one charge can be used for 30h
  • Has pressure between 0.5 PSI to 1.2PSI
  • Has a product dimension of 6.81 x 4.69 x 4.29 inches
  • Only weighs around 1.6 pounds

Why Is This A Top Pick

This is a top pick because other inflators in the list might have a battery option. But they are no good. In the case of this one, the manufacturer actually suggests that you use this cordlessly after giving it a proper charge.

  • Runs on only 110-120v
  • Has a pretty long cord
  • 3 different sized nozzles
  • Has 2 inflation ports
  • Car chargeable
  • Should’ve had a temperature control system
  • Has no warranty info

Dr.meter Quick – Portable Air Pump for Outdoor Camping


Up till now, the question remains. Which one is the best for campsites? If you’re going camping, you may not always have a proper charging outlet to charge anything let alone an inflator. You only need a 5V USB port to charge this. Yeah, only a 5V USB port! This means it’s a very small inflator, right?

But in this case, the size really doesn’t matter. What do you want to inflate? A pool toy? An air mattress? Trust me, this has got you covered. Don’t get surprised if it can inflate a small bounce house, because it really can.


This 11-ounce small machine is capable of a lot of things. You may not expect it to have 3 different nozzle sizes, but it does. Also, the machine inside has the intensity of deflating your inflatables. What more do you need from a small inflator?


  • 4000 mAh battery
  • 3 nozzles
  • 4.48×3.89×4.48 inch
  • 10.9 ounces
  • Semi-automatic 

Why Is It A Top Pick

The most intriguing feature of this inflator is that it’s highly compact. You can carry this everywhere. The 4000mah battery kind of tones down the charging purpose. But it compensates for the whole purpose because the charging is fast enough. Also, you can use it on air mattresses, so it’s the best fit for camping.

  • Deflator enabled 
  • Weighs half a kilogram
  • Power bank capabilities
  • Very quick
  • Easy to carry
  • Only works for 30 minutes after a charge
  • Material is not rugged

TechShare – Electric Air Pump For Inflatable


Let’s just end the list with another first-class inflator deflator. The best part about this one is that despite being the last one on the list, it’s no less than the previously mentioned inflator deflator. The basic three nozzle system and 3500 Pascal power, can not only inflate pool toys, you can inflate air mattresses, rafts, water rings, etc. 

The nozzle stay secure technology flows all the air directly to the inflatables. The lightweight allows you to carry it wherever you want. Also, three sizeable nozzles allow you to fit almost every inflatable valve.


Inflators are usually noisy. They make noise while inflating or deflating. This can be annoying for a lot of people. The TechShare comes with a low noise technology that allows you to deflate and inflate with almost no sound.

The package comes with a car adapter. This enables you to go camping and inflate outdoor pools. 


  • 3500 Pascal
  • Product dimension is 5.63 x 4.41 x 4.29 inches
  • Weighs about 13.76 Ounces
  • Inflates and deflates
  • 3 different sized nozzles

Why Is This A Top Pick

This is not an ultra-compact inflator. This is a regular inflator with all the options that every other inflator has. But it became a top pick by default because of how compact it is despite not being a compact one. 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Low noise
  • Versatile 
  • Dual inflatable pump
  • Only available in black
  • Has reported to have a manufacturing fault 

How to Choose an Air Pump for inflatable pool toys- Buying Guide

Choosing an inflatable can be a piece of cake if you know exactly what to look for. If you know already, you can skip and proceed to the next section. If not, take a quick look to find out how we made this list.


It’s important in every case to see whether the inflatable is capable of blowing in such a power or not. As an obvious feature, every inflatable should at least have a certain amount of pressure to inflate pool toys or other inflatables. 

This is actually very easy for you to find out. The minimum pressure for any inflatable to be able to inflate pool toys or other household stuff is 0.5 PSI. 

Again, you can’t inflate tight stuff like basketball or football. But it is ample for inflating pool toys and air mattresses. 


Being able to use one inflator on all inflatables is actually a myth. Yes, there are inflators that come with several nozzles that can fit a lot of valves but they can’t fit all the valves. So, be aware of what size your home inflatable valves are, and see which inflator fits the best.

User Compatibility

It’s very important that the user themselves should be very comfortable about what they are buying. If it does not meet the necessities that you want to fulfill then there’s no point in getting it, right?

You might want an inflator for camping which would consume less electricity and deliver for a very long time. Also, it has to have a powerful battery. but instead, you are choosing one that does not have a battery and uses a lot of electricity. 

It makes no sense to buy something like that. So, buying something that fulfills your needs is important. 


What you are paying for an inflator is important. You can’t just go on and start buying the next inflator you see. It has to fulfill all the needs and also be well within the price range you set. 

You don’t want to overpay for something you can buy with spending less money. So, make sure that the inflator your choose is well within your budget.


Can I use Pumps For All Inflatable Pool Toys?

If you are wondering whether you can use pumps to inflate every pool toy, the answer is yes. As long as it meets the criteria of having the optimum PSI and  to inflate pool toys you can use a pump for all toys. If you want our suggestion of which would you use, you would suggest you to go for the Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables Couch, Pool Floats.

How Much PSI Do I Need?

The PSI actually depends on the type of toys you have. The optimum PSI would be from 0.5 to 1.6 for inflating all toys. To inflate properly and have no leak whatsoever, we recommend, TechShare Electric Air Pump for Inflatable.

What Type Of Pump Do I Need For My Pool Float?

You can use an automatic one or you can opt for a handpump if you are comfortable with the physical work that you’d have to do. If you need a handpump, go for Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump.

Final Note

I hope you have already chosen the best air pump for inflatable pool toys as per your requirements. But if you still think we have to suggest to you any from the above list you would recommend you to go for the Etekcity Electric Air Pump Air Mattress Portable Pump for Inflatables Couch, Pool Floats or the TechShare Electric Air Pump for Inflatable. These two are the absolute best that you can get in today’s market.

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