Top 11 Best Boat Cover For Outdoor Storage In 2022

People who have bought their boats for pleasure, don’t really use them regularly enough. That means the boat sits most of its time. During this sitting, changes in weather conditions such as snow, rain, heat, etc. can damage the boat by a lot.

Boat is something that will get damaged even if you keep it in outdoor storage. So, for keeping it the same and safe from external extremities that cause harm to the boat, you need the best boat cover for outdoor storage.

In this article, I will talk about the best 11 boat covers for outdoor storage that you can pick in 2022. After that, I will explain how you can wash the boat cover yourself. So, stay tuned.

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11 Best Boat Cover For Outdoor Storage

MSC Heavy Duty 600D – Overall Best Boat Cover For Outdoor Storage

Overall Best boat cover for outdoor storage

It’s not at all easy to be proclaimed the overall best boat cover for outdoor storage among so many boat covers available in the market. Even if this is a waterproof cover, there are many waterproof covers available in the market.

What makes it the absolute best choice is how compact and rugged it is and how well it can keep any boat safe from outdoor extremities. You can even keep your boat covered while the boat is on a trailer behind your car. So, it is a trailerable runabout boat cover.

Double PU Coating

For any cover, double PU coating refers to having a very heavy-duty built. To be fair, the MSC Heavy Duty 600D is actually saying outright that it is heavy duty. I tried it while it was over my boat and I was trailering it. Absolutely nothing happened to the boat cover because it has double stitched seams.

Keeps the Boat Dry

When you are wearing a raincoat during a rain, you may not get drenched, but surely you will be damp. But with this cover, I haven’t seen my boat getting damp after an overnight shower from the sky. It’s not just a waterproof boat cover, it keeps the boat dry.


The cover for outdoor storage is waterproof. So, no matter how much it rains it will keep itself and the boat free from being drenched.


The only drawback it has is it does not fit most of the boats. Do make sure that whenever you are buying a cover, it fits the size of the boat you have. Unless you will have to face the same problem many people faced when they got this cover.

How to Use it?

The seat cover comes with a lot of adjustable straps capable of attaching the entire cover around the boat covering the open portion of the boat. All you have to do is attach the belts accordingly after covering the boat with the boat cover.

Expert’s Verdict

Boat covers that are capable of withstanding the strain of wind that goes through while the boat is trailered, can withstand weather conditions like rain, snow and UV rays like it’s absolutely nothing. So, this is one hell of a boat cover.

GYMTOP 7.8-18 ft Waterproof Kayak Canoe Cover– Best Kayak/Canoe Cover

Best Kayak/Canoe Cover

Kayaks and canoes are kind of like ancient boats that have been used for ages now. You would think these boats are indestructible, wouldn’t you? Sad but true these boats can get damaged pretty easily. Moisture building can cause the body of the boat to get affected by fungus and UV rays can cause the body of the boat to fade away.

Would you keep the kayak in a storage bag, or would you pick up the best kayak/canoe cover for outdoor storage? It’s your choice but as you are researching within boat cover reviews, it’s safe to say that you are looking for one. Here’s Gymtop 7.8-18ft waterproof kayak canoe cover for you.

Annular Elasticity

The annular elasticity factor increases the area of the cover when necessary. Not by much but enough to cover your canoe or kayak even if they are a little larger in size. The adjustable roll and clip closure enables you to use this cover for kayaks and canoes with 7.8ft-18ft length.

UV Resistant

UV rays are extremely harmful for kayaks and canoes. Any boat owners would find a coat cover useless if it cannot provide UV protection for their boat. This cover is made of marine grade polyester canvas which ensures UV protection.

Easy on-off Elastic Draw

The easy on and off elastic draw ensures that the cover stays in place. Even for a winter boat, such cover can grant immense protection from snow fall which can cause the boat to get damp and destroyed.


The only drawback I found was that it’s not that rugged. You can’t really use it like boat covers like icover trailerable boat cover. This is not a trailerable boat cover. It is a proper boat cover though, an outdoor boat cover.

How to Use It?

It’s a very easy boat cover to make use of. It is one of those classic accessories that don’t need any tool to keep the boat protected. You can install this heavy duty waterproof boat cover with its easy on-off elastic draw.

Expert’s Verdict

A reliable boat cover doesn’t have to be a heavy duty boat cover. It can be a simple marine grade cover that is easy to use and can be used as boat storage covers against weather issues. This boat cover is a great pick if you want to use this boat cover for outdoor storage.

ICOVER Trailerable Boat Cover – Best Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover

iCOVER Trailerable Boat Cover - Best Trailerable runabout boat cover

For outdoor storage purposes, getting a boat cover that can only provide a weather support pole and nothing extra is kind of a dull choice. Because at times you might put your boat in the trailer. In those moments you would need the best trailerable runabout boat cover.

The best choice in this regard is the iCover Trailerable Boat cover. It’s actually one of the most used and reviewed boat covers that you can find in the market. Using this has led me to have many benefits.

Heavy duty boat cover

The problem I had with another boat cover was it wasn’t trailerable. So, I started looking for one that said it could be trailerable. I got my hands on this one and boy oh boy, this boat cover definitely can go through a lot of stress. It’s heavy duty and extremely rugged.

Full protection

For a secure and snug fit, a heavy quality elastic cord is sewed in around the hemline. Easy installation and rapid removal are made possible with an integrated buckle and adjustable strap tightening mechanism.

Versatile Use

The cover is ideal for storing, mooring, and trailering boats. Please place a support rod beneath the cover to prevent water from accumulating on it. Support poles are available separately from iCOVER.


The buckle clasps were recorded to break down. Not all of them though. But they did break in case of many people. Not everyone was too annoyed by the issue but it can be a problem for outdoor storage.

How to Use it

The cover comes with adjustable straps with a tightening mechanism and the exterior part contains heavy duty elastic cord inside the hemline around the entire cover. So, it is pretty easy and secure.

Expert’s Feedback

The quality of the fabric is great. Despite the buckle straps breaking, it is a great boat cover. As the buckles are fixable and you can install more rugged buckles just like I did, no other boat cover for outdoor storage is more usable than this.

Mancro 17-19ft Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover – Best Boat Cover For Trailering

Best Boat Cover for Trailering

What sort of boat do you have? Is it a v hull runabout or is it a tri hull runabout? No worries if you have either because the Mancro Heavy Duty boat cover is for both types of hull runabouts. Usually, boat covers are very model specific. But this one can be used on many boats.

It is a summer season boat cover. If you are looking for a winter boat cover, this isn’t for you. There are many winter boat covers available. But I’m sure that none of them are close to this high quality boat cover.

Weather Proof

Marine Grade Fabric is used to make this Mancro bass boat cover. Waterproof and UV resistant coatings may help maintain your boat in top shape all year long by protecting it from all types of weather.

Overall Protection

For a tight and snug fit, this trailerable boat cover has two thread sewing and an elastic cord. 11-piece adjustable straps and a quick-release buckle make it easier to put on and take off. There’s no need to be concerned about severe winds blowing it away.

High-quality Fabric

A Jon boat cover made of heavy-duty Oxford cloth is ideal for long-term storage and travel. This sturdy material also makes the boat cover rip-resistant and anti-UV rays. The same material is used for making these outdoor boat storage covers.


The quick release buckles of this marine grade material made boat cover are of cheap quality. If you can replace them, this cover can be your boat’s best friend. If not, if you’re not looking forward to any repairs, this one’s not for you.

How to Use It?

The boat cover comes with an elastic cord and buckle straps. Though the straps are cheap, they are good enough for use as trailerable runabout boat cover. The usage is pretty easy but as I’ve said already, the buckles are pretty cheap.

Expert’s Verdict

It is a boat cover of great quality. Already Mancro has given the disclosure that it’s a summer boat cover so don’t expect winter protection from this secure fit boat cover. Make sure you are getting a brand new product. Some people have ordered new but have received used ones inside stuff sack storage bags.

UXUNBlue Marine Grade Trailerable Boat Cover – Best Boat Cover Support System

Best boat cover Support System

UxunBlue has been in the boat accessories business for quite some time and they have perfected their boat covers to a certain point that everyone loves them. If you have a light boat that complies with the regular commercial size, this is the cover to go for.

The best part about this boat cover is that despite being so rugged and made with such great quality material, it comes with a 1-years warranty. This proves how much Uxunblue has faith in their products.

High-quality Fabric

Made of 210D Oxford Fabric with PVC Coating for added durability and all-weather protection that won’t shrink or stretch, assuring a long-lasting snug fit. The high quality fabric ensures that the boat cover will be long lasting.

Various Utility

The boat cover is designed to protect the boat from dust, debris, and other external factors during long-term storage, mooring, and highway transit. So, it’s not just a storage boat cover, it’s also a rugged trailerable boat cover and probably the best boat cover support system.

Best Suited for Lightweight Boats

With its low weight construction, the trailerable boat cover protects V-hull runabout boats (17-19 feet in length by up to 96″ broad) from the elements whether storing or transporting. So the cover can be used on different boats having this size.


For people who have larger boats, this cover is not for you. This boat cover is designated for light boats. That means the boats that will be small in size will fit it. So, for larger boats, the straps will feel a little short.

How to use it?

Easy to tie and untie, featuring adjustable straps with rapid buckles and elastic cord sewed into the whole bottom hem for a snug, unique fit. The entire setup is extremely easy to put up.

Expert’s Verdict

The straps are actually short. If you have a light boat, they won’t impose any problems but it wouldn’t hurt to have longer straps. If you have no prejudice regarding the length of the straps, this is a great boat cover to go for.

GEARFLAG 600D Jon Boat Cover – Best Waterproof Boat Cover

Best Waterproof boat cover

People don’t really find the necessity of covering their Jon boats. But Jon boats are very much vulnerable to water damage. The best way to make sure that your Jon boat is safe from rainwater damage.

It is a full boat cover so you will have an ample amount of space to leave the boat accessories on the boat and they will also remain protected. The accessories don’t need to be stored separately in someplace else.

Protection against water damage

This cover lives up to the name of being the best waterproof boat cover. The Boat cover comes with a coating composed of 600D Polyester outer surface material for optimal protection from rain, snow, sand, UV, and snow for Jon boats.

Suitable for Different Boat Shapes

Front and back elastic hems on this jon boat are covered with sewn-in elastic cord for an adjustable fit to varied boat shapes. That means your Jon boat can be of any shape, the cover will fit and protect your boat from water damage.

Room for Boat Accessories

This is a full-cut boat cover with extra area for on-board boat accessories including bow rails, running lights, and chairs. So, having this cover I never worried about keeping my boating accessories.


The only drawback I faced is when I tried to install the boat cover. I felt like if I had someone to help me, it would’ve been much easier. That’s the only drawback. The installation requires extra help.

How to Use it?

GEARFLAG boat covers include an integrated buckle and strap system for convenient fitting and trailering. On the boat cover, adjustable tie down straps with quick-release buckles snap in place quickly. The amount of straps varies depending on the boat’s size.

Expert’s Verdict

This is the ideal boat cover if you want to keep water out of your Jon boat. Water is the biggest enemy of Jon boat. This cover is capable of keeping the water out. So, it’s the best pick for Jon boat owners.

StormPro Heavy-Duty T-Top Boat Cover – Best All Weather Boat Cover

Best all weather boat cover

None of the boat covers that we have talked about are those boats that have a center console. In the case of boats that have a center console, the center part of the boat would keep the entire boat cover elevated if the cover is not specified for the boat.

So, here’s the best all weather boat cover for a t-Top boat, Stormpro heavy duty t-top boat cover. The boat cover is completely waterproof and can sustain certain extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, storm and heat waves.

High-quality Fabric

The boat cover is made of 600 Denier Woven polyester. Water-repellent 600 Denier woven polyester fabric protects your boat from the sun. Ideal for long-term storage and all-weather protection.

No water pooling

Water pooling is a pretty big problem for boats. With this boat cover you get something that can prevent water pooling. A cover support pole and a stuff sack storage bag are included to avoid water pooling.

Protects non-removable Seat Cushions

I wanted to give the non-removable seat cushions some protection to help them survive as long as possible. This cover will do that for me at a reasonable price. You should try that as well.


The only drawback I faced was regarding the front buckle straps. I had to knot off the front buckle straps since they were too short to loop around the trailer.

How to Use it?

The fitting procedure is made simple with integrated, quick-release buckles and adjustable straps. And I’ve already noted the front buckles are too short for trailering. You can’t trailer with this boat cover.

Expert’s Verdict

If you are not looking forward to using this boat cover for trailering the boat and only storing it, this is the perfect boat cover for you. The price is right and the build quality is quite good. If the strap system is long enough, you can definitely turn it into a trailerable boat cover.

Budge B-621-X4 600 Denier Hard/T-Top Boat Cover – Best Boat Cover For Winter

Budge B-621-X4 600 Denier Hard/T-Top Boat Cover- best boat cover for winter

Winter is the most extreme weather condition for outdoor storage boats. From normal snowing to snowstorms can damage boats. Suppose I have a boat cover and have a covered boat for the winter. But, what you find later on is that snow converted into water went through the boat cover.

To make sure that doesn’t happen again, here’s the best boat cover for winter-Budge B0621-x4 600 Denier boat cover. This boat cover is actually for t-top boats. It can keep t-top boats the safest if you are keeping your boat outdoors.

Heavy Protection

The 600 denier polyester material is anti-UV coated for optimal sun and heat protection to protect your boat’s upholstery and paint from snow, blazing sun, and heavy rain. So, it can do a 2 in 1 job as a protector from snow and sun.

Secured Shock Core Hem

The boat cover guarantees that the boat will remain secure. The cover has a semi-custom fit thanks to the heavy shock cord hem. When trailering, the top and bottom strap system makes it extremely sturdy, allowing you to tow your boat to the beach without stress.

Waterproof but Breathable

The cover material is such that the boat cover is waterproof but breathable. So, there will be no moisture locked inside the cover for damaging the boat yet the boat can breathe through the cover for not letting any condensation to happen.


The only drawback I felt while using this boat cover for my T-Top boat during winter was that the strap buckles are a bit small. So, it’s quite hard to pass the strap through the buckles for buckling up the boat.

How to Use it?

It’s really easy to use. The entire setting comes with straps and buckles. All you have to do is cover the boat at first and then attach the straps with the buckles so that the cover remains in place.

Expert’s Verdict

If you can live with the fact that putting the boat cover up will not be cake walk due to the smaller size of the buckles or if you want to repair them with something easier to get the hang of, the material is of the best quality.

Explore Land Pedal Boat Cover – Best Boat Cover For The Money

best boat cover for the money

Shopping for boat covers can make you feel like you are wasting your money. But with that amount of money you are lessening the chances of requiring to repair the boat. Now, you can do that for your paddle boat for a very small amount of money.

The explore land pedal boat cover is definitely the best boat cover for the money. The amount that you have to pay for this boat cover is very menial but the benefits you will be getting are more than enough.

Very Well Made

The cover is exceptionally waterproof thanks to high-level double stitching and seam sealing tape on all seams. Your pedal boat is fully protected from the sun, rain, wind, snow, fog, dust, and scratches with full coverage.

Versatile Usage

This boat cover is not just for outdoor storage. You can make a versatile usage of this boat cover with ease. This boat cover is Excellent for outdoor storage, anchoring, and trailering during the off-season.

Heavy duty Elastic Hem Cord

The elastic hem cord is extremely heavy duty. You can use this to extend the size of the boat cover making sure that even if the paddle boat you own is a tad bigger, it can take care of it without having any issues.


In Michigan, the cover has gone from vivid blue to almost white-pale blue in all locations exposed to the light in just a few weeks. The basic blue color was great but leaving the cover in the sun takes its toll.

How to use it?

The boat cover has cornet buckle straps. They keep the cover in place and keep it from sliding or blowing away. Tighten the straps appropriately by running them down the bottom of the boat.

Expert’s Verdict

Apart from the color fading out in certain areas where the sun contains too many UV rays actually show how much this cover gives to protect the boat. It is a good pick for paddle boats.

PrimeShield Boat Cover – Best Marine Concepts Boat Covers

Best Marine Concepts Boat Covers

Following the marine concept, many manufacturers have tried to perfect their boat covers but have failed miserably. The problem is that they are not focusing on the features. But PrimeShield is that’s why they have come up with the best marine concept boat covers.

For added durability and a superior fit, the seams of the cover are double-stitched. This cover will not rip, shrink, or stretch thanks to the high density stitching. It’s made for long-term storage, anchoring, and towing.



This Heavy Duty cover is constructed of 600D marine grade oxford cloth with a waterproof PU coating and an anti-UV treatment. This cover can resist water pressure of up to 1000 psi.

Heat Protection

This cover has heat protection, which protects your boat from damage due to wind, dust, as well as other natural factors, ensuring that it remains in good working order.

Perfect Fitting

To ensure the cover’s stability, the cover comes with the appropriate strap and clasp for each size cover. A snug and the customizable fit is provided by the whole elastic cord hem.


The straps aren’t stitched into the cover’s top. This isn’t a major issue, but you’ll need to build some form of marks to determine which side is the top and which side is bow/stern.

How to Use it?

For a better fit, it has a fast release buckle and a strap tightening mechanism. The fast-release buckles stitched inside the waterproof cover clip into the adjustable strap, making it simple and quick to use. The elastic cord across the bottom hem provides a tight fit, providing 360-degree all-around protection for your boat.

Expert’s Verdict

Apart from the front side and back side determining factor, I don’t think there is really any other issue here. Some people have received wrong products which they can return and ask for the actual one.

Seamander Trailerable Runabout Boat Cover – Best Runabout Boat Cover

Best Runabout Boat Cover

Are you looking for the best runabout boat cover for your boat? Well, time to stop looking because here’s the best runabout boat cover in this list of the best boat cover for outdoor storage, the Seamander Trailerable runabout boat cover.

The bravest part from the manufacturers end is that if someone demands a refund saying that they are not 100% satisfied with the product, Seamander will return the money. This is a very bold move showing how much confidence they have in their product.

Versatile Sizes

This boat cover is available in six different sizes and a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your boat. This gives everyone the option to pick this cover for their boat if they like it.

Slow fading

The cover is reinforced with anti-UV qualities to protect the cover from fading. Furthermore, to achieve good colorfastness, a specific dyeing technique employing high-grade dyes is employed. As a result, the cover will not leak dye and stain your boat, and fading will occur gradually and minimum.

Protection from Wind

In windy situations, industrial quality shock cable guarantees a tight and snug fit around your boat, keeping it safe from the elements. You can also see that the cover guarantees that there will be no rips.


The tie down straps are too short for bigger boat sizes. The manufacturer should have increased the size of the straps in proportion with the increased size of the cover.

How to use it?

The usage is very easy. you cover the boat and tie down the straps. The cover contains 11 straps and the hem contains elastic which helps the cover to stay perfectly in place and in shape.

Expert’s Verdict

According to me, this is a legitimate buy because apart from the strap length issue, everything else of the boat is perfect. In the case of smaller boats, there is no small strap issue as well. It’s a good buy.

How to Clean Boat Cover?

As the covers are keeping your boat clean, for the covers to serve longer, you have to clean them as well. Let us go through the boat cleaning regime in 3 very simple steps.

Step 1 – Making the Cleaning Solution

First, make the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution recipe is –

  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 2 cups of warm water
  • 1 cup of powdered cleaning agent

Step 2 – Applying the Cleaning Solution

Spread the boat cover on the ground and apply the cleaning solution all over the cover. You can either spray or brush the solution all over the cover. Leave the cleaning solution on the cover for 15 minutes.

Step 3 – Rinsing the Cover

Now, using a water hose, rinse the cover. Keep it under the sun to dry out. You’re done.


Should I put a tarp over my boat cover?

If your boat cover is cheap, you might need a tarp. But if you are using any of the boa covers above, you wouldn’t need a tarp.

What is the best material for a boat canopy?

The best material for a boat canopy is polyester, hands down. It has the following qualities – abrasion, water resistance, UV resistance, breathability, long lifespan and reasonable price.

What brand is the best boat cover?

There are many boat cover brands. The best of them are Seamander, iCover, PrimeShield, MSC, GymTop, Etc.

Can I leave my boat outside in the winter?

As long as you are covering it properly, you can leave it outside in the winter.

Final Words

So, there you go. Here’s the list of the best boat cover for outdoor storage. You can pick any of the boat covers randomly if it fits your boat’s size. I have spent a lot of time researching and comparing hundreds of boat covers. Hopefully, my best list will be acceptable to you.

Also, while cleaning the boat cover, follow the steps properly. It’s easy, but will take some time to complete.

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