How Did the Sand Snakes Get on The Boat: What You Need to Know

Snakes are among the spookiest creatures in the wild, constantly on the lookout for unwitting prey. While we can’t guarantee that there aren’t any snakes in your boat, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. The Sand Snakes are famed throughout Dorne in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. Obara, Nymeria, Tyene, Sarella, Elia, Obella, Dorea, and Loreza are their names. Obara was the child of an Oldtown prostitute, Nymeria of a Volantis noblewoman, Tyene of a septa, Sarella of a Summer Islands trader, and the remainder of Ellaria Sand. In one of the episodes, the snakes got onto the boat and you may wonder how the sand snakes got on the boat! Here is an explanation of how they could have got onto the boat.

Sand Snakes on Boat

They could have stowed away on the same ship or they could have been caught up on another ship. I don’t suppose they were stowing away because they were ashore when Trystane’s ship was still a long way away. To capture that ship, I imagine they’d have had to rush to it, and they’d have required a lot of support from the crew to clamber aboard and hide for a long time without Jaime, Bronn, or Trystane seeing. The second scenario is that they rented a ship and arrived at King’s Landing. I don’t think it’s impossible that they got a ship that was substantially faster than Trystane’s, arrived at King’s Landing shortly after or even ahead of him, and waited at the docks. They’ll almost certainly need the crew’s assistance to get in and reach Trystane.

But apart from the series, you can also think about how to keep snakes out of boats!

This article will explain how to keep these sly creatures at bay and prevent them from slithering inside your watercraft.

  • Snakes have been known to use the vivid colors of their prey to tracing them. Snakes are drawn to a variety of colors, not simply the color of your boat. So, avoid having colors that might attract the snake.
  • Food should not be left outside your boat. Any snake hunter will tell you that snakes are attracted to food. They won’t be able to get inside as long as the food is outside the boat, but once it’s inside, they’ll be able to.
  • Items should be kept in your vehicle until you’re ready to leave them in your boat. We’ve all done it, but we also know it’s not a good idea. Keep anything that could attract a snake inside your vehicle until the next day if you plan on keeping your boat out overnight.
  • When your boat isn’t in use, remove anything that could generate noise. Vibration attracts snakes, and they will seek out any unusual sounds in their surroundings. Keep anything away that could keep noise away from your boat.

You might now wonder ”how do I get rid of snakes around my boat dock?”

There are a couple of options for getting rid of snakes outside of your boat dock.

Food and other items on deck should be kept dry in a dry bag.

Snakes can detect food when it’s dried. That means any bait you use must be stored in a dry, sealed bag. Keep the bait away from anything that could be a possible meal for snakes if you set it inside the boat after filling it with water (like your head). If you don’t intend to complete the bag of food you have in your boat, fill it with water because snakes love water. Then toss the container (together with all the bait) in the trash.

snake on dry bag

Throw the snake over the side of your boat if you don’t have a chum bag.

Although removing a snake may appear to be a difficult task, it is preferable than letting it loose in your boat while you are still inside. Tip them overboard if you have something to use as bait and a container to put it in.

The snake must be killed as a last resort.

It is the factor that determines the outcome. You might be tempted to kill it with your hand, but keep in mind that snakes can bite even if their jaws aren’t open. Since you’re on a boat, it could be wise to delegate the task to someone else. You’re good to go if you have a bow and arrow or other weapons.

Now, the question may come to your mind “can snakes climb into boats?”

Snakes can climb up into the boat and wait for unsuspecting victims to pass by when the boat is turned upside down and the hatch is opened. Once inside, they’ll take up positions in various places on the yacht in order to ambush their next prey.

Cottonmouths, often known as water moccasins, would love nothing more than to spend their days coiled up behind a clump of vegetation. But thousands of people fish, boats, swim, and tube in wetlands that are ideal snake habitats every day. So, yes, they can climb into boats but they would rather not do it if they are not harassed by any means.

Watersnakes, as their name implies, prefer to be in the water, and they usually seek refuge there when they are afraid. If you shock a Brown Watersnake while floating down the river, it’ll try to flee into the water. This snake does not want to fall onto your boat; instead, it wants to fall into the sea and swim away.


Snakes, which contribute to the national economy through tourism and play a crucial role in ecosystem function, require special attention and care to ensure their survival. Despite the risk of snakebite and other negative consequences, it is evident that humans must learn to coexist peacefully with snakes, respecting their natural habitat while avoiding them as much as possible. To decrease people’s exposure to snakes, community members must be educated about snake conservation on a regular basis.

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