How Do You Inflate A Paddling Pool fast?

Summer is nearby, and you might already have brought out the inflatables. But manually blowing up all the items is a tiresome job. You might be out of breath when you finish blowing the first inflatable. Therefore, we have some ideas for you to inflate the inflatables and enjoy the time inside the pool instead of pumping it all day. So, let’s check out the following tricks and find out which of them is the most convenient for you.

How do you inflate a paddling pool fast? Inflating a paddling pool is easy when you have the right tool. It is like inflating other inflatables that you have at home. So, you basically have to pump up the pool using either a handy tool or other items available at home, like- a leaf blower. Therefore, this method is not only helpful for inflating a kiddie pool but also other inflatables at your home.

How Do You Inflate A Paddling Pool Fast?

Imagine a situation; it is summer, you are ready with the kids to jump in the pool, but the pool is not ready yet. Isn’t it disappointing? We know it is! So, we are giving you the two fastest but easiest ways to pump up your paddling pool. You will require only a few items to do it. Without further ado, let’s get started.

You can inflate a paddling pool quickly in many ways. You can use an air pump, foot pump, hair dryer and plastic bottle combo, air compressor, a large poly bag, shop-vacuum, leaf blower, and many more. But we are only sharing two ways that are easy to follow and more or less affordable and available in every household.

i) An electric air pump,

ii) Hair dryer and plastic bottle combo.

Let’s see how we can use them for inflating the kiddie pool in a safe and fast manner without turning blue. Meanwhile, the solutions will answer certain questions like how to inflate a pool with an air compressor? 

Inflate A Paddling Pool With An Electric Air Pump: The Most Convenient Way

Using an electric air pump is the most convenient way to fill up an empty paddling pool. A quality air pump can inflate anything in minutes. If you own an electric air pump, you can easily fill the kiddy pool. It takes only a few minutes to inflate a 10 by 5 feet kiddie pool. Here is how:

  • When you are using an air pump, you have to place the kiddie pool in a place adjacent to a power outlet (regular home version 120 volt). Because you need to plug in the air pump in the first place to use it, however, a cord extension can also be helpful if you are away from the power outlet.
  • Now find the right nozzle size for your kiddie pool. Air pumps come with multiple (mostly three different sizes- large, medium, small) nozzle sizes. Check which one would fit your inflatable pool fill valve. Attach it with the valve and ensure it has no way for air escape.
  • Turn on the air pump on the slowest flow. Then increase the volume as needed. If your inflatable pool has multiple chambers, fill them up one by one.
  • When you have inflated the paddling pool, close the inlet valve. Now your inflatable pool is ready to be filled with water and enjoy all summer!

Inflate A Paddling Pool With A Hair Dryer: An Alternative Yet Effective Way To Inflate Without An Air Pump

So, you can actually pump up an inflatable pool even if you don’t have an electric air pump. A hand pump or foot pump can be great to do so. But we have a more practical and convenient way to inflate a paddling pool using a hair dryer. Here is how:

Supplies you will need-

  • A plastic bottle.
  • A utility knife
  • A hair dryer with cool air function
  • Duct tape

The process to inflate:

  • Take a plastic bottle and cut the bottom of it using a utility knife. Choose a bottle that will have almost the same diameter as the hair dryer mouth (from where the air blows out). The knife is super sharp. Therefore, use it with caution.
  • Tape the bottle with the mouth of the hair dryer from where the air flows out. Cover the gap properly so that air does not leak.
  • Hold the mouth (from where you would drink) of the bottle on the valve inlet of your pool. Or you can attach it using duct tape to do it conveniently. You have to make a leak-proof passage to pass air from your blow dryer through the water bottle to the paddling pool.
  • Now plug on and start blowing air into the pool until it inflates fully. The pool may have more than one compartment to inflate. Therefore, fill all the parts one by one. And after filling up, close the inlet valve immediately before any air leaks.

Now you have a fully inflated kiddie pool to be used throughout the summer. You could use a vacuum to inflate a paddling pool. But the methods explained above are far easier than going for this one.

We have given you two different ways to inflate the kiddie pool. So, if one option is not accessible, you can always opt for another. Share these cool tricks with your friends and family. Share the site with them, and don’t forget to come back here for more tips.


We tried to give you two possible solutions for “How Do You Inflate A Paddling Pool Fast?”. Air pumps are small yet effective tools to inflate things faster than manually. On the other hand, hair dryers are easily available around households. So, you can use one of these items to inflate your kiddie pool. And there are other possible ways to blow up the paddling pool. Whatever you use, make sure to keep children away from the electric plugs. Enjoy your summer vacation cooling inside the pool.

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