If You Run Your Boat Aground What Should You Do First?

After spending quality time on the water, suddenly your vessel can hit on the ground! So, what’s now? A boat running ground could make severe damages like hull damage and other safety risks. Moreover, high panic also starts with it. The panic could reach the maximum point if it is your first time captaining a watercraft.

But, you need to keep calm. Every boater has to face such a situation. If it doesn’t happen yet, it will happen one day soon. You can be sure about it. It’s actually part of boating! But, don’t make this habit. It could seriously damage the boat. Further, people on the boat could get injured. In this article, we will talk about if you run your boat aground what should do first? Let’s get into that – 

What Should You Do First If Your Boat Runs Aground?

The most important task you need is to keep your head calm. Don’t be panicked. First, take a look at the option and solve the problem step by step. You have to deal with the situation by keeping your head cool. Otherwise, the whole scenario can be damaged beyond repair. 

Human Life Should Get More Priority

Yes, you have brought the boat for a certain amount of money. So, it could bother you if the boat gets damaged. But, you should prioritize human life more. The reason is people can lose their body parts or get seriously injured. Sometimes, they could face psychological trauma. 

The emotional or psychological trauma is too hard to mend. On top of that, it could be so blasting that people can’t get out of such a situation in their lifetime. 

Furthermore, loose items can turn into projectiles. As a result, people who stay on the board can get injured severely. So, please check on everybody. After that, begin the next phase. 

What’s Next?

After checking out on everyone, it’s time to move on and take the next course of action. Those people perform well in a critical condition who can do a proper assessment of a critical situation to do the right thing. 

Shut off the boat’s engine

The broken debris could enter into the boat’s water intakes. It could turn into a major disaster. For instance, the whole boat can be set on fire. This is the reason you have to shut off the engine of the boat as quickly as possible to avoid major problems. 

Check Out on Gasoline Leaks

After shutting down the engine, now check out the gasoline leaks. Sometimes, a small amount of fire can turn the whole situation into a big nightmare. Therefore, check out the air to make a proper assessment of gasoline leaks. If gasoline leaks, then quickly give this info to everyone to make a safety precaution.

Reduce The Weight 

During a disaster, it would be a great decision to empty the boat. The lighter the boat, the less water it removes from it. So, be hurry to make the boat lightweight by clearing unnecessary things.

Use a Kedge Anchor

There’s a primary anchor and it is a bow. But, you won’t be able to use it during the incident. This is the reason you need a kedge anchor. A kedge anchor can successfully pull your boat free. It is a delicate anchor that can assist pull a grounded boat off of what it has run aground on.

Further, if we want to say a more specific way, it is a kinda hook. You can easily lay the anchor into the water and utilize the momentum to assist with pulling you free.

Check The Hit and Damage

Closely look at where your boat hit. If you can’t figure out where your boat ran aground, then take a look at the navigation chart. It could be helpful. On the other hand, please check the tide tables so that you can see when will be the next tide gonna happen. 

After doing all these things, now take a look at the damage. It’s important to figure out how much damage already happened. Closely look at the hull damage, holes, fractures. If you found cracks anywhere, then you should better bilge pump

Use The Wake

It is recommendable for everywhere especially if the boat gets stuck on rocks. But, it can still be good. If you have run aground too badly, other boaters can push the boat forward in order to change the direction of the boat. After that, a little amount of wake can be created that could take the boat in a gritty shoal. 

Ask For Help

You can fire a flare into the sky. So, the nearby boats will come to your help. If you don’t have a flare gun, then put a light surface in the sky to engage the attention of the people. Additionally, you can also contact towing companies. They can also help you to come out of this tricky situation. 

Be Smart

Running aground with the boat is such a horrific situation. But, you need to mitigate the problem wisely and smartly. The best possible way to stay calm and don’t lose your cool. Use your common and sixth sense carefully. Don’t get panic. 

Check out everyone on the boat so that they can feel secure. After that, check out the damages. You also need patience in such a panic moment. Wait for the tide and check out for help from the surroundings. Moreover, you also need to contact authorities while doing a proper job in the boat to minimize the damage. 

You need to do all these tasks smartly. If you become panicked, then there’s a big chance you could fail to minimize the problem while making things worse. 


One thing we want to tell you. The thing is most accidents of running aground happen in shallow water. As a result, you should keep a special eye on this. You should habituate yourself with the terrain. Moreover, run the boat frequently in water so that you could get familiarized with the water. But, if your boat still runs aground, don’t get panicked. Stay calm and keep your cool to solve the puzzle. 

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