Best Deck On A Cruise Ship To Avoid Seasickness

A cruise ship is a luxury getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Onboard the cruise you get to explore exotic destinations, meet new people, get into numerous leisure activities and have five-star fine dining and much more.

Your trip might not be as smooth as you like if you suffer from seasickness. Touring the sea you are destined to feel the motion drags from the water and the boat. It might induce nausea or even vertigo after some time.

Best Deck On A Cruise Ship To Avoid Seasickness

If you suffer from kinetosis, you should try to look out for rooms and resting places that will ease the motion sickness in some way. Cruise ships are usually mammoth and they accommodate numerous different variations of decks and rooms. In this article, we will identify the best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness.

Check Out The Deck Plan Before You Choose Your Rooms

You will get the deck plan on the website of the cruise ship while booking online. If you are working the deal via agents, you must check for the floor/deck plan digitally or in a print version. Book the cabin that best suits your style of living.

Avoid Noisy Neighbours/Public Areas

It is advised that you have a cabin in a deck where there are no public gatherings above right above or below your room. For example, cabins with restaurants or nightclubs on top or below you will make you unsettled and further add to the motion sickness.

Midship Is The Way To Go

Midship decks are safer in terms of less noise and crowd gathering. It is supposed to have cabins on all sides of your resting place rather than public gathering floors. Ships sway sideways so on the mid area of the ship you will feel less motion compared to the ones on the side-end of the ship.

Lower Decks Have Less Movement

If you go lower, the lower the deck the less the sideways movement and motion sickness you will endure. Always be close to elevators and restaurants for your getaways and leisure. We are not telling you to go to the crew area. Just above the official’s working zone, you will find decks assigned for the general crowd.

The Source Of The Sickness Might Play A Calming Role

This is not for everyone, but numerous people tend to get claustrophobic when in the middle deck. This deck has the least number of windows and sea view options. Not seeing the open ocean might sometimes cause mental cramps and you might feel airless.

If that’s the case, go to the lower deck and opt for the cabins that ensure ocean view options and have balconies. If you select a room on the high decks, let us assure you that higher decks are prone to extreme movements. Even if you have a verandah there, it will rock the hell out of the passenger in extreme conditions.

Get Some Fresh Air

When you feel traumatized due to motion and bear the sensation of seasickness, it is recommended that you go out and look out for fresh air. The veranda is the ideal place to get rejuvenated. This might oppose you at first as you might not want to see the open water bodies. But, as we said above, sometimes the source can be a good way to counter negative effects.

Try to go to the top deck, it has splendid views in the majority of the cruise ship. The beauty of nature and the breeze can calm your mind and soothe the symptoms of seasickness.

Position And Distance Matters

Deck position is crucial for every passenger. If you are into partying you might want to have access to the mid-deck entertainment lounges, clubs and all. If you are into sunbathing, you must go for the higher decks with pools and open spaces. If you move a lot, it’s better to be in close range of elevators.

Not everyone is fond of elevators, people might have phobias such as agoraphobia as well. So they would rather climb up the stairs. Let us assure you that climbing numerous decks can be tiring. Selecting the mid-deck cabins and verandahs is a wise option to avoid running up and down the stairs.

The Lower Deck Is Preferable To Counter Seasickness

What is the best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness? The lower decks! They have less drag and movements compared to the ones on top. Higher decks will rock and roll as the cruise ship moves.

Cabins close to the line of water can reduce seasickness symptoms. Having a balcony or Seaview is a good option to breathe freely and feel less claustrophobic. Lower decks usually don’t have such open spaces. The lower 3rd and 4th decks start with cabins that accommodate balconies and open windows.

Decks To Avoid

The lido deck is one place where it is chaotic at times and noisy. People with seasickness must avoid rooms below this deck. You don’t want to hear the stomping and scraping of equipment from the deck below.

The landing deck is another place you should avoid. It might be an easy place for the exit but just imagine people crowding and hoarding close to you. Even going to restaurants from the landing deck can be hectic.

The Promenade deck and the deck right above it can be extremely noisy. It is a deck that is best for strolls, simply to enjoy the view and take a breather. But the main problem with having rooms in this deck is that people will walk past your room and might have a peek at you. Even if they can’t see you due to the advanced glass system. It is irritating to see people walking past your room all the time.

Final Words

The way we see it, to get into the best deck on a cruise ship to avoid seasickness, you must acquire cabins on the lower decks. Here the movement will not be severe and the noise level is also curbed compared to higher decks and rooms on the front or back end. Preferably the lower 3rd 4th decks have window options and balconies that will let you rest easier and have a decent view as well. Don’t worry, getting accommodated in such decks won’t hamper your cruise enjoyments. You can always take the stairs or elevators to your preferable amusement decks whenever you want.

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