Can I Use An Electric Air Pump On Inflatable Kayak?


Can I Use An Electric Air Pump On Inflatable Kayak? Inflatable watercraft, including kayaks, are incredible water transport. They are lightweight, portable, and take less space to store. These are widely used for kayaking and fishing. Since they are inflatable, they need to fill up before you get down to the water. Let’s find out if you can use an air pump or not to inflate a kayak.

Can I Use An Electric Air Pump On Inflatable Kayak?

Can I Use An Electric Air Pump On Inflatable Kayak? Surely, you can use an electric air pump for the kayak to fill it up with an expandable kayak. Kayaks and inflatable watercraft need air pumps. You will find many types of air pumps on the market- electric, manual, battery-operated, and many more. Electric air pumps are the fastest and easiest option for inflating kayaks. They come at a few bucks and inflate your watercraft efficiently at the maximum level within an instant.

Some inflatable kayaks do not require pressurized air volume to inflate. They are easily inflatable with a hand pump or foot pump. But there are brand new kayaks in the market that are rigidly made. Those kayaks do require high-pressure air to inflate. Without pressurized air, they will not inflate at the maximum level. A depressed kayak is not ideal for riding. You can not paddle a boat as you want. Moreover, it may lead to an unhappy incident.

Inflatable Kayak

Which Pumps Should You Not Use With An Inflatable Kayak?

You can not use all types of pumps for inflating kayaks. When you fill a kayak with a high-pressure pump, it could explode. And if you fill it up with low-pressure air, it may not expand to its best level. As a result, it would not float well on the water. Therefore, you have to choose a pump to inflate a kayak that has the right pressure point. And you must avoid using some pumps for inflating inflatable watercraft.

So, what types of pumps should you not use to fill up a kayak? 

  1. Air Compressor Pumps: Air compressor pumps high-pressure air supply and is used for mechanical purposes. Kayaks or other watercraft do not require a high-pressure air supply. If you pump the kayak with an air compressor pump, it may damage or blast due to the high pressure of air.
  2. Tire Pumps: Tire pumps are specifically made for automotive and bicycle tires. You can not connect the air inlet valve of the pump with a kayak. Also, the kayak will not inflate as fast as it would with an air pump. Moreover, the kayak may not inflate fully. Therefore, you can not use them for kayaks or other watercraft.

So, whenever you are planning on going for a ride on your kayak, make sure you do not have to use the mentioned items to inflate it.

What Is The Right Air Pressure For Inflating A Kayak?

Inflatable watercraft like kayaks come with the manufacturer’s instructions, whether manually or on the website. You must follow the recommended air pressure level to inflate it at maximum level and enjoy the best ride. If you are not sure about the right air pressure for your kayak, we recommend using an air pressure between 1.5 to 2.5 PSI. It is not the ideal pressure level since air pressure may vary by different watercraft. If yours is a dropped floor kayak, it may even take a high 15 PSI air pressure. So, we highly recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines to inflate your kayak to its best potential.

How Long Does An Air Pump Take To Inflate A Kayak?

Kayak or inflatable boats are easily inflatable with an air pump. Whether it is an electric or rechargeable pump for an inflatable kayak, you can use it for filling up the watercraft. With an effective air pump, you can easily inflate a kayak or any inflatable watercraft within two to three minutes. Larger kayaks have more chambers to fill in. If you have a larger boat, then it may take a few minutes more to pump up. So, in comparison with a manual pump, an electric pump takes half the time to inflate an inflatable kayak. And with time, you would be more efficient at pumping the kayak faster with an electric pump.


We hope now you have your answer to: Can I use an electric air pump on inflatable kayaks? So, if you own an inflatable kayak, you must own an electric air pump. Now go and pick the right electric air pump for the type of kayak you have. Make sure to choose the appropriate air pressure required for it.

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